Get Reputation Scores

Retrieve Reputation Scores

This endpoint provides reputation scores for a specified company, country, and stakeholder.
You can request scores within a specific time period and for a particular demographic.


  • company_slug (str): Unique identifier of the company.
  • country_iso_code (str): ISO code of the country.
  • stakeholder_slug (str): Unique identifier of the stakeholder.

Query Parameters:

  • time_period (str): Time periods in which the response will be grouped.
    Available time periods: month, quarter, half_year and year. Default is month.
  • from_date (Optional[str]): Start date from which the information is required.
    MM-YYYY for time period month,
    QX-YYYY where X is the quarter number for time period quarter,
    HX-YYYY where X is the half number for time period half_year,
    YYYY for time period year,
  • to_date (Optional[str]): End date for which the information is required, same format as from_date.
  • latest (Optional[bool]): Returns only the score information for the last available period.
  • demographics (Optional[str]): Includes demographic information in the response.
  • Available demographics: gender, age_group, customer and overall.
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